Kongobyoe Morikane odachi in koshiraeNEW
Kawachi Kunisuke wakizashi – Tokubetsu HozonNEW
Echizen Shigetaka katana – Tokubetsu HozonNEW
Hoki no kami Nobutaka wakizashi – Tokubetsu HozonNEW
Fujishima Tomoshige katana – HozonNEW
Echizen Yasutsugu katana in koshirae – NEW
Kaga Goto mitokoromono – Hozon – NEW
Shikkake Norinaga tachi – Juyo token –NEW
Magoroku Kanemoto tanto – Tokubetsu Hozon

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Norishige is superior to Masamune in the hataraki [activities] of nie and forges a unique jihada called matsukawa-hada. He is superior to Masamune in the hataraki of jihada and hamon, though he yields to Masamune in the clearness of jigane and the brightness of hamon. It is another feature of Norishige that the border of the hamon and ji is not conspicuous.

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