Tachi signed Hakushû Yasuie. This tachi was designated Jûyô Bijûtsû May 27th 1937. This tachi is 2 shaku 2 sun 7 bu long. It’s number in the Jûyô Bijûtsû (JB) set is 309, and Yamanaka lists it first. It was submitted to the police for registration in Noshiro, Akita Prefecture (Northern Japan) on October 10th 1945. Then it was turned over to a Captain Moran of the US Occupying Forces – of the 457 Airborne Battalion.

IMAGE LOST Unfortunately some of the information on this page from Jim Kurrasch’s website has been lost. Please contact me if you have a Nanka Token Kai copy that I can re-construct it from or any images of the lost sword

Missing Jûyô Bijutsu # 309 = Hakushû Yasuie