TADAYOSHI (忠吉), 3rd gen., Enpō (延宝, 1673-1681), Hizen – “Mutsu no Daijō Fujiwara Tadayoshi” (陸奥大掾藤原忠吉), “Mutsu no Daijō Tadayoshi” (陸奥大掾忠吉), “Hizen no Kuni-jū Mutsu no Kami Tadayoshi” (肥前国住陸奥守忠吉), “Hizen no Kuni Mutsu no Kami Tadayoshi” (肥前国陸奥守忠吉), real name Hashimoto Shinzaburō (橋本新三郎), oldest son of the 2nd Hizen-generation Tadahiro (忠広), he received the honorary title Mutsu no Daijō on the 27th day of the tenth month Manji three (万治, 1660), this title was raised to Mutsu no Kami on the 16th day of the eighth month of Kanbun one (寛文, 1661), we know date signatures from the second year of Kanbun (1662) to the eighth year of Enpō (1680), he died on the second day of the first month Jōkyō three (貞享, 1686) at the age of 50, his jiba is bright and clear and he is considered as the best smith of this lineage after the 1st gen. Tadayoshi, but only few works are extant by him, this concerns firstly katana and wakizashi, tantō are unknown, the jigane is a Hizen-typical konuka-hada with evenly distributed ji-nie all over the blade, the hamon is mainly a chū-suguha in ko-nie-deki with a wide and very bright nioiguchi, , but also a gunome-chōji-midare or suguha mixed with gunome-chōji-midare is found, the bōshi is sugu with a ko-maru-kaeri, his kaeri is shorter and shows more nie than those of the 2nd gen. Tadahiro, the yasurime are crisp katte-agari or kiri, saijō-ō-wazamono, jōjō-saku


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