TADAYOSHI (忠吉), 8th gen., Ansei (安政, 1854-1860), Hizen – “Hizen no Kuni Tadayoshi” (肥前国忠吉), “Hizen no Kuni Shinzaemon no Jō Fujiwara Tadayoshi” (肥前国新左衛門尉藤原忠吉), “Hizen no Kuni Hashimoto Shin-zaemon Fujiwara Tadayoshi” (肥前国橋本新左衛門藤原忠吉), real name Hashimoto Shinzaemon (橋本新左衛門), he changed his first name later to Kuranosuke (内蔵允) and Shun´ichirō (舜一郎), second son of Furukawa Yohei Michihiro (古川与兵衛道弘), he was adopted by the 7th gen. Tadayoshi as his successor, he did not receive any honorary title and died on the 26th day of the fifth month Ansei six (1859) at the age of 59, we know date signatures from the eighth year of Tenpō (天保, 1837) to his year of death Ansei six (1859), jō-saku (picture right kaō of the 8th gen. Tadatoshi as seen on a sword order from Kōka three, 1846)


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