KINMICHI (金道), 2nd gen., Kan´ei (寛永, 1624-1644), Yamashiro – “Iga no Kami Fujiwara Kinmichi – Nihon-kaji-sōshō” (伊賀守藤原金道・日本鍛冶惣匠), real name Mishina Kanbei (三品勘兵衛), oldest son of the 1st gen. Kinmichi and the older brother of Izu no Kami Kinmichi (伊豆守金道), the 1st gen. received as mentioned the honorary title Nihon-kaji-sōshō but it was the 2nd gen. who signed that title for the first time, he also carved a chrysanthemum onto his tangs which looks like a stylized cartwheel, he died on the 21st day of the tenth month Enpō eight (延宝, 1680), itame mixed with masame, suguha, gunome-midare, often sunagashi, Mishina-bōshi, wazamono, chūjō-sakuls coming soon.


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