Listing a very reasonably priced and textbook Kanbun shinto katana by 出雲大掾藤原吉武 Izumo Daijo Fujiwara Yoshitake. He was from the Horikawa school and was the son of Kunitake. Shallow sori, as typical for the time period around 1661, with a bright low lying gunome-midare hamon. In shirasaya with two piece shakudo and silver habaki. NBTHK kanteisho.

YOSHITAKE (吉武), 1st gen., Enpō (延宝, 1673-1681), Yamashiro – “Izumo no Daijō Fujiwara Yoshitake” (出雲大掾藤原吉武), “Heianjō-jū Izumo no Daijō Fujiwara Tae Yoshitake” (平安城住出雲大掾藤原妙吉武), “Heianjō-jū Yoshitake” (平安城住吉武), “Izumi no Kami Hōtetsu Nyūdō Yoshitake” (出雲守法哲入道吉武), real name Kawate Ichitayū (川手市太夫), he was the son of Horikawa Kunitake (国武) and a late smith from the lineage of Sanjō Yoshinori (三条吉則), later in his career he moved to Edo where he died in the fifth month of the seventh year of Genroku (元禄, 1694), gō Hōtetsu (法哲), the jigane is a ko-itame mixed with mokume, some nagare and ji-nie and can stand-out in cases, the hamon is a suguha mixed with slightly undulating notare in ko-nie-deki or also a gunome-midare mixed with ō-midare with plenty of thick nie, the bōshi is sugu with a somewhat pointed ko-maru-kaeri, wazamomo, jō-saku

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