Aoe Yoshitsugu

This is a very long katana with an old attribution by Hon’ami Koson in the form of a shumei and sayagaki to Bitchu (no) kuni Aoe Yoshitsugu. The sayagaki gives a value of 500 gold pieces. 74cm nagasa. The blade is in choji-midare with midare utsuri. In addition to the old NBTHK papers. Yoshitsugu was a member of the Aoe / Chu-Aoe school. His swords have been designated Juyo, Tokubetsu Juyo, Juyo Bijitsuhin and Juyo Bunkazai. Two of his swords (now jubun) were designated National Treasures before the war. This sword should be sent to shinsa again. The sugata and workmanship are wonderful and at minimum the blade shows Aoe traits and the Yoshitsugu attribution given three times here is convincing.


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