Offering a massively and heroically shaped koto naginatanaoshi katana by Tegai Kaneyoshi. This Tegai Kaneyoshi koto katana has a magnificent sugata, which reflects the shape of large naginata of the Nanbokucho period. The hamon is a wonderful suguha based ko-choji. Utsuri is present, and if you look at the photos you will see a clear choji-utsuri in the kissaki. The jihada is itame, with some areas that are a bit coarse. The nagasa is 69.8cm. It has never been sent to Japan for shinsa. A US NTHK shinsa attributed the blade to the Yamato Tegai group in middle Muromachi period. I strongly recommend that the blade go to Tanobe-sensei and the NBTHK for evaluation. It seems clear to me that the blade is Nanbokucho and I think it has a good shot at a Bizen-related attribution for a smith or group who produced a Yamashiro style hamon. Ukai (Unji or Unju) come immediately to mind, or Aoe. Regardless of the attribution, whoever buys this sword is going to be thrilled.

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