The Omori schools were one of the luminary lineages of the Edo period fitting artists. This is a daisho koshirae will be built around and signed and papered daisho fuchigashira by the Omori artist Hidenaga. As attested by the NBTHK Hozon kanteisho, this is a true daisho set and not a married set of similar theme. The work on the fuchigashira is really breathtaking, very fine shakudo nanako with gold chickens on one side and shakudo bamboo on the reverse. The menuki are an Edo period pairing of shakudo and gold phoenix. The tsuba are a papered daisho set of Bushu tsuba by Masakata. The saya are matching with ribbed carving in black lacquer. A great daisho with papered, signed fittings by a well known artist of great skill.


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