This is a very nice set of daisho koshirae with matching Edo period fittings. Often shishi (lion dogs) and peony flowers are paired together in Japanese art. In this case, shakudo menuki of individual shishi dogs are paired together with Edo period fuchi of peony in shakudo nanako and gold. The tsuba are likewise an Edo period pairing, composed of iron tsuba that are carved to look like wood grain (mokume pattern). The tsubamaki is done in white and black patterned tsuka-ito. The kashira is horn on both koshirae, as is often see in Edo period koshirae and banzai daisho koshirae. The saya are really wonderful, with black lacquer inlaid with seashells. There are a few seashells missing, but this would not be a big undertaking to have the few small inlay losses filled with lacquer.  This is a very pleasing set and is priced at an extremely reasonable price for a koshirae of true and matched Edo period daisho tosogu.

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