Sharing as a reference example, this is an early gendaito by Heianjo Masatsugu dated Showa 14 (a lucky day in February, 1939). The blade is a long gendaito measuring 69.4cm, with very nice workmanship. The jihada is ko-itame, and the hamon is suguha-based ko-choji. The sword is mounted in a rare example of an Iida latch gunto koshirae, which what I believe is a field replacement saya. The kabutogane of the gunto tsuka has a silver attachment with what appears to be the surname Kumatani (熊谷 – thank you for the correction SteveM). The blade is in Japanese polish with gold foil habaki, and shirasaya with a tsunagi for the koshirae. Mei: 百錬平安城正次作 – Hyakuren Heianjo Masatsugu saku (possibly this smith: Nengo: 昭和十四七年二月吉日 – A lucky day in the 2nd month of 1939

Nagasa 69.4cm
30mm Saki-haba
19mm Kasane 6.5mm

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