Listing a katana with current NBTHK kanteisho attributing the sword to the Fujishima smith Tomoshige. The kanteisho does not give a time period or attribution and often it is assumed that lack of a generation indicates the shodai, but that is not always the case. I believe this is between Nanbokucho to Oei.藤島友重

The hamon is a very wide choji-modare and there is utsuri present. The hamon is lined with small tobiyaki. The sugata is graceful, the sori continues deeply through the nakago and I believe that the nakago has not been greatly shortened (much of the original traces are present). The jihada reminds of Ko-Uda. It is said that Tomoshige was a student of Kashu Sanekage (himself an Etchu Norishige student). The blade is in shirasaya with hatomei and has a nice antique niju kinkise habaki.

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