Listing a very beautiful ubu signed Shinto katana by the Shitahara smith Yasushige. The blade is signed 武州下原住山本内紀康重 – Bushū Shimohara ju Yamamoto Naiki Yasushige. This smith worked around Kanei (1624-1644). He was the third generation of the Shitahara Yasushige line and was raked Chujo-saku.

This smith has a very nice Soshu-style hamon in nei-deki, with some kinsuji and sunagashi. The jihada is itame mixed with mokume (typical of Shitahara) and is quite beautiful. The blade measures 68.8cm, with a 3cm moto-haba and 6mm kasane. It is in polish with a solid silver 1-piece habaki and shirasaya. The signature has been verified with NBTHK Hozon. This Yasushige katana is a beautiful sword that will be the highlight of any collection.

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