WW2 Japanese Officers Sword

Signed – Yasunori
Dated – Showa 15 (1940)

Type 98 Shin-gunto mounts – has tsunagi
Yasukuni Shrine smith Kotani Yasunori
Yasunori was one of the top smiths at the Yasukuni shrine forge
Yasunori and his unclie are often considered superior to the other Yasukuni smiths
Dated 1940 – early work which usually is far superior in quality to his later swords
Blade was professionally polished by Takeo Seki
Shirasaya & solid silver habaki by Brian Tschernega
Cutting edge measures 27″
Great activity in the blade
Gunto saya is broken in 2, held together by the tsunagi.  One side of the tsuka missing a menuki.  Was found broken.
Blades of this caliber do not often make it to the market and are prized pieces in private collections.  This is an early Kotani Yasunori sword fully, professionally restored with a nagasa of 27″ from the Yasukuni Shrine forge.  This is an incredible, highly desired blade, in fully restored condition by one of the top WWII Japanese swordsmiths.  Please ask if you have any additional questions or would like additional pictures.


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