Listing an exceptional, ubu signed and dated Shinshinto wakizashi by the Musashi smith Omi (no) kami Tsuguhide. This smith was a student of Tsuguhira and had a working period of Tenmei (1781-1789) through Kyōwa (1801-1804). This blade has a date of Tenmei 5 (1785), at the start of Shinshinto times. The hamon is a very bright chu-suguha with a broad habuchi and deep hataraki, composed of uniformly bright ko-nie. The nioiguchi is luminous and consistent. The jihada is a very, very tight ko-itame with dense ji-nie. There is a small kitae-ware right at the edge of the shinogi-ji above the bo-hi and touching the mune. This is the only issue with the forging and the sword is otherwise flawless. The boshi is broad, with ko-maru on one side and a slightly larger circle on the reverse. The nakago is perfectly ubu, with a single mekugi-ana. Signed Banzai Omi (no) kami Tsuguhide and dated Tenmei go nen hachi gatsu hi (August, 1785. The blade is in shirasaya with a single piece copper habaki. The mei has been authenticated with current NBTHK Hozon kanteisho.

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