A tachi signed Motoshige, and dated Kagen ni nen hachi gatsû hi. It was designated Jûyô Bunkasai on September 27th, 1940, and is 2 shaku 3 sun 3 bu long – 70.6 cm. It was turned into the Minami Police of Kumamoto City on April 21st, 1946. On April 22nd. they turned it over to the Occupying Forces on December 21st 1945. The Regimental Commander was Colonel Mc Farland. Lieutenant Colonel Rink, and Major Sobel were also attached to this operation. This was the same Military Command, that the previously mentioned Yasutsugu, Tadayoshi, and mu-mei Aoe went to. This blade JB set # is 685, and it’s Yamanaka JB # is 21.

The missing Jûyô Bunkasai tachi signed Motoshige , and dated Kagen ni nen hachi gatsû hi