A tachi signed Mitsutada, and designated Jûyô Bunkasai on September 19th, 1936. It is 2 shaku 2 sun 1 bu long – 67 cm. The owner turned it into the Hitoyoshi Police of Kumamoto Prefecture on April 18th, 1946. That day they turned it over to the Kumamoto Security Police. From there it is not known what happened to it. It has the JB set # 576, and the Yamanaka JB # 20.

IMAGE LOST. Unfortunately some of the information on this page from Jim Kurrasch’s website has been lost. Please contact me if you have a Nanka Token Kai copy that I can re-construct it from or any images of the missing sword

The missing Jûyô Bunkasai tachi signed Mitsutada