• Kaga no Kami Sadanori
  • Kaga no Kami Sadanori
  • Kaga no Kami Sadanori
  • Kaga no Kami Sadanori
  • Kaga no Kami Sadanori

Mei: Kaga (no) Kami Sadanori (gimei)
Jidai: Early Edo
Habaki: 2-piece silver and gold
Nagasa: 69.5cm
Moto-haba: 3cm
Kasane: 7mm
Sugata: Shinogi-zukuri daito
Jitetsu: Ko-itame with ji-nie
Hamon: Gonome midare with a brilliant thick habuchi
Nakago: O-suriage
Mekugi: 3
Boshi: Midarebe
Kanteisho: None

Tsuba: Style of Mogarashi Soten
Saya: Nuri in alternating bands of red and black
Menuki: Ryu (dragons) in brass
Fuchigashira: Shakudo

This is an absolutely beautiful Shinto period katana in koshirae. The hamon is a brilliant gonome midare in ko-nie. The habuchi is wide and bright, similar to a Hojoji Masahiro I own. This bright and consistent habuchi in bright ko-nie is a hallmark of a quality sword that was made by a skilled smith. Although the Sadanori mei is not correct, I have no doubt that the sword will paper well if the mei is removed and submitted to shinsa. From a workmanship standpoint, the sword has everything going for it. The sugata is graceful and the sword is jo-sun length (over 2 shaku 3 sun / 69.5cm). The sword comes in a koshirae, with a Soten style tsuba and shakudo fuchigashira. The saya is a ribbed black and red lacquer which appears to have been recently ‘enhanced’ with a decorative design. The later additions could easily be removed.

Price: SOLD