This is an extremely active gendaito by the Rikugun Jumei Tosho smith Furihata Tomomaro. Per Sesko:

TOMOMARO (友麿), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Nagano – “Ueda-jū Tomomaro” (上田住友麿), “Tomomaro” (友麿), real name Furuhata Tatsuo (降旗辰男), born 1905 student of Kasama Shigetsugu (笠間繁継), he worked as rikugun-jumei-tōshō and died October 9th 1950, jōko no jōi (Akihide), Second Seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihontō Denrankai (新作日本刀展覧会, 1941)

Tomomaro studied under Ikkansai Kasama Shigetsugu and is listed in John Slough’s book. Tomomaro is rated 1.5 Million yen.

Mei: Tomomaro
Nengo: Showa 16 nen ju ni gatsu hi (a day in 12th month of 1941)
Nagasa: 62. 8cm
Motohaba: 31mm
Saki-haba: 21mm
Kasane: 6mm

The sword shows the smith making an exceptional effort to reproduce the work of the Bizen Ichimonji smiths. The hamon is a wild and florid choji-midare that is filled with activity. Kinsuji and sunagashi are everywhere. The jihada is a well done itame. Note the very narrow shinogi-ji and the wide ji. The blade has a beautiful sugata with deep sori. It is signed with a nijimei of Tomomaro and dated Dec. 1941. In shirasaya with a well-done niju habaki.

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