For anyone looking for a very long gunto mounted blade, offering a 75.25cm nagasa shinto katana by Tsugara ju Yasumune, student of Yamato no kami Yasusada. This piece is in a gunto koshirae measuring 106.5cm overall length. The blade is ubu signed with incoming NTHK kanteisho. It is healthy, flawless and with excellent polish. There is one menuki and the sarute missing, and tsukamaki work is needed to restore the koshirae. The nakago is in perfect condition, with a clear mei.

YASUMUNE (安宗), Kanbun (寛文, 1661-1673), Ōshū – “Ōshū Namioka-jū Yasumune” (奥州波岡住安宗), “Tsugaru-jū Yasumune” (津軽住安宗), student of Yamato no Kami Yasusada (大和守安定), notare mixed with gunome in ko-nie-deki with wide nioiguchi



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