Shinpo Motohira (Shinpo Yoshiharu)

His real name is Shinpo Motoharu. He was born on 4 September 1941. He is a resident of Sado Ryotsu in Niigata prefecture.. He initially studied by himself from 1957 to 1962. Then he apprenticed himself to Living National Treasure Miyairi Akihira for swordsmithing and to Abe Akitada for carving. At Showa 38, he was won the prize of Mainichi Shinbun(Newspaper Company) Prize once, Award of Excellence nine times, and also won the Award of Effort and Award of Encouragement. His first name was Yoshiharu but later changed it to Motohira.

The zodiac date reads Showa Mizunoe-ne Go Gatsu Hi – a day in May, 1972. There also appears to be an owner’s name on the nakago, Seki Ieshige shi.

Nagasa 72cm

Moto-haba 35mm

Saki-haba 27mm

Kasane 7.5mm

High resolution photos here.


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