“[Masazane], [Fujiwara Masazane], [Fujiwara Masazane saku], Kanabô. Mikawa Monju. Originally from Yamato. Made the famed Jûman-kiri or Tonbo-giri Yari handed down in successive generations of the Honda family. Resided in Tahara. Eishô (1504-1521). Dates: Eishô 12 (1515), Eishô 13 (1516), Daiei 6 (1525). Note: said to be either the younger brother or student of Muramasa, ‘and although known as Mikawa Monju, there is a katana with a two character Masazane signature that closely resembles the work of first generation Muramasa, the signatures closely resemble those of Muramasa, and his style of workmanship is more refined and skilled than that of the Kanabô School. Tentatively, I would like him to be a member of the Muramasa School (Kunzan).’”

“[Sesshû Kuwana jû Sengo Masazane], [Fujiwara Masazane], [Masazane], student of Muramasa and also said to be the younger brother of Muramasa. Later moved to Mikawa. Circa Bunki (1501-1504). Ise. Note: probably the same sword-maker who signed [Fujiwara Masazane] and known as Mikawa Monju. Although he is said to have been active circa Bunki, because of first generation Muramasa’s period of activity, he is probably his brother or a member of the same school.”

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