It would be difficult to find a healthier Nanbokucho period blade than this one. Middle Nanbokucho wakizashi with papers to Bizen Osafune Omiya Morikage. Classic Nanbokucho sugata with a wide mihaba and long kissaki. The blade has a healthy and flawless jitetsu, with a tight itame hada and a bright suguha-based hamon, with kinsuji and ashi. In excellent Japanese polish, shirasaya and silver habaki with accompanying koshirae.

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MORIKAGE (盛景), 1st gen., Jōji (貞治, 1362-1368), Bizen – “Bishū Osafune-jū Morikage” (備州長船住盛景), “Bizen no Kuni Osafune-jū Morikage” (備前国長船住盛景), “Bishū Osafune Morikage” (備州長船盛景), Ōmiya school, according to tradition the son of Moritsugu (盛次), dense itame with fine ji-nie which tends somewhat to stands out, the kataochi-gunome reminds of Kanemitsu (兼光), he applied also a koshi-no-hiraita gunome-chōji, the signature is chiselled in small characters, ryō-wazamono, jō-saku – Markus Sesko

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