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We have developed a flashcard-based tool for learning kanji. The first sets of cards are in three categories:

  • Mei (names) – the more commonly seen kanji used in swordsmith’s mei, including examples of mei containing that the featured kanji – 152 cards – $25 + shipping
  • Kuni (provinces) – the reading of the Japanese province names, with information about the provinces and some reference information on related schools and representative smiths – 90 cards – $25 + shipping
  • Nengo (time periods) – the kanji for time periods from the late Heian period to the present, with reference information on each time period – 144 cards – $25 + shipping

Our hope with these is that everyone who uses the cards can have a better understanding of the fundamentals of reading Japanese sword inscriptions and kanteisho, and this will unlock access to Japanese language references for the study of Japanese swords.


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