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  1. Kanji Sword Name Flashcards: Immerse yourself in the intricate world of Japanese sword names with our set of 200 flashcards. Each card showcases a specific kanji used in sword names, helping you decode and appreciate the meanings behind these legendary weapons.
  2. Ancient Japanese Provinces Flashcards: Dive into the geographical landscape of ancient Japan with our set of 89 flashcards. Each card highlights a distinct province, complete with historical context and relevant information. Immerse yourself in the regional influences that shaped the development of Japanese sword-making traditions.
  3. Japanese Time Period Flashcards: Trace the evolution of Japan through time with our 144 flashcards capturing the kanji for various ancient Japanese eras, from the Heian period to modern times. These cards not only provide language references but also delve into local arts, crafts, cultural facts, and notable swordsmiths and schools associated with each period.

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