Listing an exceptionally long and healthy ubu, signed tachi by the Kongobyoe school smith Taira Morikane. Morikane worked in Chikuzen province in the late Morumachi period and is assigned with Eiroku (1558 – 1570). Chikuzen was famous for the lineage leading up to Samonji (preceeded by Ryosai > Nyusai > Sairen) and the Kongobyoe school continued through the remainder of the koto period. It is very rare to find an ubu (unshortened) and signed koto tachi of this length. The blade measured 2 shaku 6 sun 7 bu (just under 82cm) and with the exception of a few small kitae-ware I have shown is in very healthy condition. The blade has a beautiful itame-nagareru with long chikei as shown. The hamon is an very active choji-gonome with a lot of kinsuji and sunagashi everywhere. The boshi is wide and healthy as well. This tachi is in shirasaya with a gold foil habaki. It has been papered by the living national treasure Matsuo Fujishiro, who confirmed the authenticity of blade.

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