Listing an osoraku tanto by the Kiyomaro school smith Kiyomaru (清丸). He worked during Meiji (明治, 1868-1912) in Musashi. Kiyomaru was said to have been the son of Saitō Kiyondo (斎藤清人), who was the swordsmith who fulfilled his master’s uncompleted orders after the death of Kiyomaro. Kiyondo is respected both for the quality of his work, and also for his good character in ensuring that Kiyomaro’s clients received the orders that they placed (which was a two-year endeavor). Kiyondo worked in a similar style to his master, and based on studying this tanto clearly Kiyomaru did as well. Osoraku-zukuri is a style of blade with an exceptionally long kissaki of more than half the nagasa (length of the blade). It was purportedly introduced by Sukemune, who carved ‘osoraku’ as horimono in hiragana. O-soraku tanto are seen in other works of the Kiyomaro school. This blade has a tight ko-itame jihada which looks almost nashiji in style. The hamon is a gonome in nie-deki with deep activity, similar to other Kiyomaro school works. The blade is signed Kiyomaru and dated Meiji ni nen hachi gatsu hi (August 1869). The blade received a sayagaki here in the US from the well-known modern smith Yoshindo Yoshihara. It has not been sent to shinsa yet, but the blade has a shinsa guarantee. In polish with a solid silver habaki.

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