For anyone who might be looking for a complete set of high quality koshirae and fully restored blade by a well known smith, this one is now available. Kaga (no) kami Sadanori of the Inoue Shinkai school. Absolutely flawless blade, fully restored with a beautifully preserved (mint) nakago. Both blade and koshirae are papered. Nothing further to do, just enjoy.
SADANORI (貞則), Kanbun (寛文, 1661-1673), Settsu – “Sesshū-jū Fujiwara Sadanori” (摂州住藤原貞則), “Suzuki Kaga no Kami Sadanori” (鈴木加賀守貞則), “Ōshū Iwaki-jū Kaga no Kami Sadanori” (奥州磐城住加賀守貞則), “Kaga no Kami Suzuki Sadanori” (加賀守鈴木貞則), real name Suzuki Sa´emon (鈴木佐右衛門), he came originally from Higo´s Kikuchi (菊池) but moved later to Ōsaka to study there under Inoue Shinkai (井上真改), later he was employed by the Naitō family (内藤) and worked for them in Iwaki (磐城) in northern Ōshū, dense ko-itame with fine ji-nie and masame along the shinogi-ji, gunome-midare, notare, or suguha with a wide nioiguchi and plenty of nie, also sunagashi appear, we know blades from around Jōō (承応, 1652-1655) to Shōtoku (正徳, 1711-1716), his signature changed over the years, at the beginning of his career he signed in an angular manner like Soboro-Sukehiro (ソボロ助広), later from Kanbun onwards the signature becomes more roundish and reminds of that of Inoue Shinkai, from about Enpō (延宝, 1673-1681) he signed in a characteristical cursive script but returned around Genroku (元禄, 1688-1704) to the block cript style of Shinkai, jō-saku

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