This is a set of daisho koshirae which really represents the goal of anyone looking to acquire daisho fittings. A true unaltered and fully intact koshirae dating back to the Edo period which is exactly as it was when it was carried by a samurai of that era. The fittings all in waves, flowers and chidori, and of beautiful quality and skill. The fuchigashira are a matched daisho set of chodori (plovers) flying over waves. The menuki and kozuka are of flowers and flower baskets, with the kozuka being a really breathtaking pieces having quality carving and depth. The tsuba are signed set of Masakatsu iron of octagonal shape. Both saya are matched in black lacquer and very fine lines depicting maru ni mitsutomoe kamon (family crests of three comma within a circle). Due the great quality, condition and intact nature of this set, it was awarded current Tokubetsu Hozon kanteisho by the NBTHK.

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