Orange County Hannamatsuri Display 1996

April 13th & 14th. 1996
This was a pretty good show. It was not so large that we were swamped, but large enough so we always had something to keep busy with. About 15 members showed up over the 2 days, and there were several hundred visitors. Some of them brought blades for us to look at and evaluate. As always there were questions as to what to do with the sword that they inherited, or picked up somewhere. Jim Gilbert and his wife flew out from Phoenix for this and he brought with them several of his excellent tsuba, and kozuka for us to enjoy.
The items for view were;
Blades by date;
Katana: 1320: 69.2 cm: Ryôkai group Yamashiro
Tantô: 1331: 27.1 cm: Rai Kunimitsu Yamashiro
Yari: 1469: 68.6 cm: Heian-jo Nagayoshi III Yamashiro
Katana: 1492: 61.6 cm: Sanjô Yoshinori with koshirae Yamashiro
Katana: 1532: 75.2 cm: Enju Harukuni with koshirae Higo
Wakizashi: 1596: 38.1 cm: Rai Kunimichi Yamashiro
Wakizashi: 1624: 44.9 cm: Kyô Tanba no Kami Yoshimichi, Shodai Yamashiro
Wakizashi: 1624: 47.0 cm: 0nizuka Yoshikuni II with koshirae Chikugo
Wakizashi: 1624: 53.0 cm: Rai Kinmichi II with koshirae Yamashiro
Katana: 1661: 77.2 cm: Rai Kunimichi with koshirae Yamashiro
Katana: 1661: 68.6 cm: Hizen Tadahiro II Hizen
Yari: 1673: 09.3 cm: Nobukuni school Chikuzen
Katana: 1687: 66.1 cm: Eisen & Kinmichi Yamashiro
Kozuka: 1661: 12.3 cm: Kinmichi II Yamashiro
Wakizashi: 1716: 38.9 cm: later Nobukuni Chikuzen
Ya: 1804: 05.5 cm: Masakage Hizen
Tsuba, Kodogu, and Koshirae (by type, then group, and then by date)
Koshirae: 1704: Aikuchi mounts Kaga
Koshirae: Court Tachi Koshirae Yamashiro
Koshirae: Dai-sho Koshirae unknown
Koshirae: 1830: Sadataka / Masatatsu Harima
Koshirae: unknown Ikeda Clan koshirae Bizen
Koshirae: 1800: 73+ cm: Higo style – blade is Uda Higo mounts
1550 – fuchi kashira Goto Joshin Chinese shishi in kinko
1596 – kozuka Goto Eijô Chinese shishi in kinko
1688 – menuki Goto Renjô Chinese shishi in kinko
1688 – fuchi kashira Goto Denjô samurai messenger in kinko
1750 – menuki Goto Mitsutaka kirin in kinko
1820 – dai-sho tsuba Goto Mitsuyoshi temple shrine in kinko
1820 – mito-koromono Goto Mitsuyoshi flying swallows in kinko
1804 – menuki Waki Goto kabuto in kinko
1764 – fuchi kashira Naoshige I goat herder in kinko
1834 – tsuba Mitsuoki / Mitsuhiro Kusunoki Masashige in kinko
1764 – menuki Naoshige I Indian elephants in kinko
1790 – kozuka Tsunenao samurai and falcon in kinko
1804 – kozuka Kagaharu tako (octopus) in kinko
1772 – tsuba Okamoto Chinese scenes in iron
1800 – kozuka Hidekuni rabbits grazing in kinko
1764 – menuki Naoshige 1 Portuguese sailors in kinko
1573 – tsuba Kyô-sukashi myoga & melon in iron
1573 – tsuba Heian-jo Kyoto vine motif in iron
1818 – tsuba Imono Masayoshi 2 of the gods in kinko
1688 – tsuba Kyô-sukashi open-work kiku in iron
1550 – tsuba Heian-jo snowflakes, bamboo in iron
1688 – tsuba Shoami Kyôto kasa – scenes in iron
1716 – tsuba Shoami Kyôto fisherman iron
1615 – tsuba Heian-jo garden scene – kinko and iron
1688 – dai-sho tsuba Shoami Kyôto hawking gloves in iron
1634 – tsuka Yamashiro make garden scene – kinko and iron
1661 – tsuba Tetsujin / Tadatsugu kiku in water in iron
1688 – Fuchi kashira Hosono Masamori water travelers in kinko
1500 – fuchi kashira Heian-jo foraging rabbits kinko on iron
1818 – tsuba Imono Masayoshi big sake drinker in kinko