Designated Jûyô Tôken at the 21st Shinsa of March first, the 48th year of Showa (1973)
Katana, Unsigned, Tegai
Measurements: Length: 69.4 cent.; Curvature: 1.4 cent.; Width at Base: 2.85 cent.; Width at Point: 1.9 cent.; Kissaki Length: 3.5 cent.; Nakago Length: 20.5 cent.; Nakago Curvature: 0.1 cent.
Characteristics: The construction is shinogi-zukuri with an iori-mune. The blade is somewhat wide, and the shinogi is high. The curvature is shallow, and there is a chû- kissaki. The kitae is tight masame-hada that is covered in ji-nie. The hamon is sugu in style that is covered in ko-nie. There is a slight hint of uchinoke, and the nioiguchi is vivid. The boshi is sugu with a ko-maru and brushing. The nakago is ô-suriage with a kurijiri end, and katte-sagari yasuri-me. There are two mekugi-ana, and the blade is unsigned.
Explanation: This is an ô-suriage mumei blade that is considered to be by a Tegai smith. This work, in comparison to those in this same school is somewhat plain. Moreover, because of the style of workmanship in the ji-ha, it displays the characteristics of Tegai School works dating from the late Kamakura period into the Nanbokuchô period. The entire blade is healthy and the workmanship is superb.

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