Chikuzen Nobukuni Yoshikane wakizashi on consignment with a vibrant choji-midare hamon that appears intended to reflect the style of Bizen Ichimonji. Yoshikane was a shinto smith who was rated jo-saku in Fujishiro. This sword is in excellent polish, with habaki and shirasaya. The nakago is ubu and the nagasa is 53.3cm. The blade has NTHK kanteisho.

YOSHIKANE (吉包), Enpō (延宝, 1673-1681), Chikuzen – “Chikuzen-jū Minamoto Nobukuni Yoshikane” (筑前住源信国吉包), “Chikuzen Fukuoka-jū Nobukuni Minamoto Yoshikane” (筑前福岡住信国源吉包), “Kyūshū Chikuzen-jū Minamoto Nobukuni Sukezaemon no Jō Yoshikane” (九州筑前住源信国助左衛門尉吉包), real name Nobukuni Sukezaemon (信国助左衛門), he is counted as 14th gen. after the founder of the school Nobukuni (信国), he died on the 22nd day of the eighth month Genroku six (元禄, 1693), his blades have a rather shallow sori and a chū-kissaki, the jigane is a dense ko-itame with some masame and ji-nie, the hamon is a notare mixed with gunome or a chōji mixed with gunome, in addition also ashi and yō appear, the bōshi is a midare-komi with a ko-maru-kaeri, the yasurime are kiri or katte-sagari and the signature is executed in rather large characters and with a thick chisel, he signed also with the supplement “nanban-tetsu o motte kore o saku” (以南蛮鉄作之, “made by using nanban-tetsu”), jō-saku


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