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Mei: Masamune
Jidai: Late Muromachi
Habaki: 1-piece copper
Nagasa: 24.85cm
Moto-haba: 2.7cm
Kasane: 5mm
Sugata: hirazukuri tanto
Jitetsu: O-itame
Hamon: midareba
Nakago: ubu
Mekugi: 1
Boshi: Midareba with kaen
Kanteisho: NTHK

This is a rare example of the work of Shitahara Masamune. Shitahara was a Soshu school who worked in the area of Hachioji. They continued from Muromachi into the Edo period. This Masamune tanto has a typical Shitahara jitetsu of a large Itame hada. There are some weary areas where shingane has shown through. It is however a great example considering the excellent sugata with a perfect ubu nakago and clear signature. This is the type of sword which may have been handed down as a gift at the time when Masamune school swords were highly sought after for rewards and as objects to be given for special occasions or to special individuals. It would not be surprising to imagine that this was presented to someone as a true Goro Nyudo Masamune at one point in its life.