Omi Daijo Tadahiro (sandai dai-saku daimei)

Tadahiro is known as a famous sword smith who rendered remarkable works to strengthen the basis of Hizen-to succeeding his father Tadayoshi the First. Tadayoshi was designated O-mi Daijo in 1641 at the age of 29. It is an accepted view that his golden age was circa Syoho to Keian era just after that. He didn’t inherit his father’s name Tadayoshi. He passed away at 1693, aged 80. His sword was ranked at O-wazamono. It is said that his Jitetsu is the most beautiful among the Hizen-to.

Photos of this sword were shared with Roger Robertshaw, who agreed that the style of mei indicates a dai-saku dai-mei by the sandai (Mutsu no Kami Tadayoshi). The sandai was considered to be the best of the Hizen mainline, being rated as Jojo-saku in Fujishiro and Saijo O-Wazamono for cutting ability.

Nagasa: 50.0cm
Moto-haba: 30mm
Saki-haba: 21mm
Kasane: 6mm

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