This is a wonderful tanto by Horii Tanetada, is the last living smith of the Horii school. This sword is in a high quality polish and shirasaya with niji kinkise habaki.

Mei: Tanetada Saku
Date: Heisei Kyu Nen

Nagasa: 24.5 cm
Motohaba: 2.35 cm
Motokasane: 0.5 cm

Hamon: Nioi deki gunome choji
Hada: Excellent quality ko-itame

The lineage of the Horii smiths:
Taneaki (胤明), Meiji (明治, 1868-1912), Tōkyō – „Ōmi no Kuni Taneyoshi chakushi Taneaki ryōsaku“ (近江国胤吉嫡子胤明両作, „joint work of Taneyoshi and his son and successor Taneaki in Ōmi province“), „Horii Taneaki“ (堀井胤明), „Tōto ni oite Ōmi no Kuni Taneaki saku“ (於東都近江国胤明作), „Tōkyō Hazawa ni oite Ōmi no Suke Minamoto Taneaki kore o tsukuru“ (於東京羽沢近江介源胤明造之), civilian name „Horii Gorōsaburō (堀井五郎三郎), he was born in the fifth year of Kaei (嘉永, 1852) and was the nephew and later adopted son of Horii Taneyoshi (胤吉), the Tōken Hozon Kai (刀剣保存会) granted him in the first year of Taishō (大正, 1912) the nominal honorary title „Ōmi no Suke“ (近江介), from the seventh year of Taishō (1918) he worked for Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (Nihon Seikō Sho, 日本製鋼所), he died in the twelfth year year Taishō (1923)

Toshihide (俊秀), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Hokkaidō – „Ōmi no Kuni Shiga Tarō Minamoto Hideaki“ (近江国志賀太郎源秀明), „Minamoto Toshihide“ (源俊秀), „Zuisen Horii Toshihide“ (瑞泉堀井俊秀), civilian name „Horii Kaneyoshi“ (堀井兼吉), he was born on the second day of the third month Meiji 19 (明治, 1886) in the village of Shimosaka (下坂) in Shiga Prefecture, 1905 he entered an apprenticeship under Horii Taneaki (堀井胤明), he signed in early years with „Hideaki“ (秀明) which was granted to him in 1913 by the NBTHK, 1911 he married the daughter of Taneaki and was adopted into the Horii family, thereupon he changed his name to „Shiga Tarō“ (志賀太郎), the change of the smith name to „Toshihide“ took place in December 1933 with the birth of emperor Akihitos (明仁), because he refrained out of respect from using the same character of „Aki“ (明) as the latter, he died 1943

Tanetsugu (胤次), Shōwa (昭和, 1926-1989), Hokkaidō – „Horii Tanetsugu saku“ (堀井胤次作), civilian name „Horii Tanetsugu“ (堀井胤次), born 1927, second son Horii Toshihides (堀井俊秀), he studied under his father and frahdfather Horii Taneaki (堀井胤明)

Tanetada (胤匡), Heisei (平成, 1989- ), Hokkaidō – „Horii Tanetada saku“ (堀井胤匡作), „Horii Tanetada“ (堀井胤匡), civilian name „Horii Shigekatsu“ (堀井重克), oldest son of Horii Tanetsugu (胤次)













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