• Dewa ju Tadahide
  • Dewa ju Tadahide
  • Dewa ju Tadahide
  • Dewa ju Tadahide
  • Dewa ju Tadahide

Mei: Kao (Tadahide)
Jidai: Late Edo (circa Bunsei 1818-1830)
Habaki: 2-piece silver
Nagasa: 71.1cm
Moto-haba: 3.1cm
Kasane: 6mm
Sugata: Shinogi-zukuri daito
Jitetsu: Ko-itame resembling nashiji
Hamon: Chu-suguha with numerous ko-ashi
Nakago: Ubu
Mekugi: Ko-maru
Boshi: Sugu ko-maru
Kanteisho: NTHK

This is a magnificent and flawless katana by Dewa Ju Tadahide. Tadahide was one of the many talented smiths who studied under Suishinshi Masahide during the Shinshinto period. Tadahide first signed Masachika and later signed with just a kao, such as seen in this sword. There is a sword by Tadahide which was designated Juyo Bunkazai (Important Cultural Property) of Akita Prefecture.

The Tadahide featured here is wonderful copy of koto Yamashiro. The jigane is a perfect ko-itame thickly covered with ji-nie, resembling koto Yamashiro. It is obvious that this smith was working hard to emulate Yamashiro Rai. There are dense formations of ji-nie that appear like nie utsuri, further reinforcing the Yamashiro Rai feeling.

This sword is perfect, with no issues whatsoever. It would be a highlight of any collection.

Price: $10,250 (plus shipping and Paypal fees)