Morikami Exhibition

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Morikami Exhibition

In the summer of 2014 I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to organize and set up an exhibition of fine Japanese Swords at the Morikami Museum. This display occupied a large portion of the show “Masterpieces from South Florida Collections”. Appreciation goes out to Jon Healy and Joe Forcine for contributing swords to this display. Pete Klein also contributed a number of very fine kodogu.

This is a list of swords which were shown.

Display unit 1. KOTO – Early Kamakura
Mokusa Hoju tachi – NTHK
Bitchu Ko-Aoe kodachi – Tokubetsu Hozon

Display unit 2. KOTO – Mid-Kamakura
Ko-Enju tachi – Juyo Token

Display unit 3. KOTO – Late Kamakura
Etchu Norishige daito – Juyo Token / Honami kinzoganmei
Shizu Saburo Kaneuji daito – Juyo Token / Honami kinzoganmei

Display unit 4. KOTO – Nambokucho
Osafune Masamitsu naginatanaoshi – Juyo Token
Nobukuni naginatanaoshi – Tokubetsu Hozon
Sa Hiroyuki daito – Honami kinzoganmei
Nakajima Rai daito – Juyo Token

Display unit 5. SHINTO – Early Edo
Musashi (no) Daijo Korekazu katana – Tokubetsu Hozon
Omi (no) Daijo Tadahiro wakizashi (sandai dai-mei) – Tokubetsu Hozon

Display unit 6. SHINSHINTO – Late Edo
Suishinshi Masahide daito – NTHK Yushu Saku